Why Won't We Discount Energy Assessments?

Certain companies offer them for $99. Consider reading why we don't.

6/1/20232 min read

Our Team is Well Educated and Experienced

When we do an Energy Assessment, one of our BPI-certified professionally trained Energy Assessors creates the report and recommendations for your specific home. The training is intensive, and the certification requires regular continuing education. Our Assessors are the ones compiling and reviewing the data, and for people who choose us to complete energy efficiency upgrades the Assessors are involved in the planning process, training our team, and designing the scope of work.

Our Assessors and installation teams are also union members of LiUNA 113. Not only does Green Homeowners United’s union contract help set the prevailing wage for our state, it also provides lots of protections for workers, training, pension, and health benefits. One of our core mission values is doing right by workers. We don’t believe that churning and burning staff is the right thing to do for anyone.

We’re a Small Company and We Shop Local

The advantage of a smaller company is that we put money back into our community. We live and work in West Allis, WI. A lot of our competitors are based out-of-state, and though they employ local folks, most of their infrastructure and administration is located elsewhere, often well across the country. All of our professional services are located in Wisconsin, like Absolute Payroll, Statewide Insurance, Evolution Marketing, Complete & Accurate Books, Tenaglia & Associates Accounting, to name a few. These are unsolicited endorsements, we like working with these folks. We believe that shopping local as much as we can helps make sure our communities are strong.

We locally source as many supplies as we can whenever financially feasible. We live in a globalized economy, but we make a good faith effort to source as close to home as we can. This means we use local vendors, hire local people, and try to work with other small businesses to source products (some of which are only manufactured overseas, unfortunately). Shopping local might cost a few pennies more in the short term, but in the long term everyone benefits. And honestly, the prices aren’t that different but the service certainly is.

Ultimately though, we don’t discount Energy Assessments because we believe we’re delivering the full worth at the price we charge. It's like the old adage: would you like it done cheaply or well? We work on quality, not quantity.

--Sadie Tuescher, President

Green Homeowners United

One of the frequent questions we get is why we don't offer $99 Assessments. There are some companies who do and market it a lot. We've been asked our fair share of folks to match that rate.

We can't blame people for asking, but there are reasons we say no.

Why do we say no?

There are good reasons a person wouldn't get a $0.99 haircut....

You Get What You Pay For

We've seen the $99 reports. They are basic and lack significant details and statistics that help people understand their home. To be clear, I’m not saying the Assessors are unprofessional or didn’t do a good job, but rather that the report provided by the company afterward does not have what we consider to be a complete report with details to help you make informed decisions about your home.

If you’re looking for the most basic eval of your home and then a strong upsell on services, the discounted rates from other companies might suit you. For us, it is not compatible with our mission of educating homeowners and helping empower you to make the best decisions possible about your home’s energy efficiency.