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Green Homeowners United was started for a simple reason: to make it easy for people to do one of the most important steps to fight climate change and save money in the process. Join us in helping cut carbon emissions at home.

Green Homeowners United exists to make it easier for homeowners and homebuyers to improve their property with renewable energy, energy-efficiency retrofits and water saving opportunities; and we help people find fair financing to afford the carbon-cutting upgrades that normally would be out of reach. Click here to see if our green home upgrade program could be right for you. You can learn more here about how we seek to ensure all homes can be upgraded, and check out our latest happenings and success stories here.

We're also a proud union shop, providing health benefits, training programs for workers to expand their skills, and a pension for when they retire.


Sadie Tuescher - President

Sadie is the President and co-founder of Green Homeowners United. As a green homeowner herself, Sadie has focused on sustainable and fair-sourced practices in the home as well as in business. Sadie is an entrepreneur who has helped launch multiple companies, helped numerous nonprofits, and is involved with local small business organizations in the Greater Milwaukee area.

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Kevin Kane - Chief Economist

Kevin is the Chief Economist and co-founder of Green Homeowners United. Kevin works with lenders, realtors and homeowners to navigate and understand the benefits of green homes, and green mortgages specifically. Kevin calculates the carbon impact, costs and economic returns of energy efficiency improvements, and financial calculations of green lending. He worked for over a decade as a community organizer and policy advocate, has helped found cooperative organizations, is a BPI-certified energy assessor and has a Masters in Applied Economics from Marquette University.

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Tyler Tuescher - Chief Energy Assessor

Tyler is a certified BPI Building Analyst and founding board member for Green Homeowners United. Tyler specializes in on-the-ground energy assessments of residential homes, modeling energy saving opportunities, and creating individual solutions to improve homes' energy performances. He also provides training to staff on building design principles and for those working toward their certification. Tyler is also an accomplished woodworker and has an Etsy shop @Treetobowl

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Saidirick Walker - Program Manager

Saidirick is the Program Manager for Green Homeowners United. Saidirick specializes in visiting homes to identify opportunities for energy improvement and manages our teams out in the field. Saidirick is active in area community organizations and has worked for the promotion of electrification in buildings to combat climate change.

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Harrison Phillips -Residential Energy Specialist

Harrison is a specialist in residential energy efficiency upgrade installation, having joined the team in early 2022. He is also DOA Home Energy Score certified assessor, certified lead abatement supervisor and an EMT. Harrison is a team leader and trains new team members out in the field. In his free time, Harrison is a DJ and plays baseball.

Jack Phillips -Residential Energy Specialist

Jack is a DOA Home Energy Score certified assessor, certified lead abatement supervisor, and specialist in residential energy efficiency upgrade installations. He joined the team in early 2022 and now performs Energy Assessments and is a team leader in the field. Jack enjoys fishing and is an accomplished pottery teacher.

Josh Holland - Repair Team Lead

Josh joined the team in August 2022 and comes with 8 years of carpentry experience. He is skilled in a variety of home repairs as well as residential energy efficiency upgrades. Josh is certified lead abatement supervisor. Josh now leads our repair team in healthy home projects and lead abatement work. Josh was also previously an AmeriCorps fellow. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and spending time with family.

Dan Fenner - Program Coordinator

Dan joined the team in February 2023 and helps people navigate through the PSC grant application. Dan also helps with home visits and rebate applications for folks. In his free time Dan enjoys skiing, fishing, playing pool, Formula 1 racing and comedy.

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Michael Jamerson - Insulation & Air Sealing Specialist

Michael joined the team in June 2023. He is certified in lead abatement and has prior experience in construction as well as other fields. In his free time, Michael is an artist who enjoys painting and drawing and playing football and other games.

Warren Kirby - Home Repair Specialist

Warren joined the team in September 2022 after completing an internship at Green Homeowners United through Employ Milwaukee's Healthy Homes training program. He comes with years of experience in rough carpentry and is a certified lead abatement worker. Warren enjoys gaming and playing basketball during his free time.

In the words of CEO Lynnea Katz-Petted:

"We are the largest provider of home repairs to eligible homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin and the only one that provides them for free. While we directly impact individuals and families, we also improve economic stability by keeping long-term, existing homeowners in their homes. This stabilizes neighborhoods and the tax base paid to the city.

Over time, health and safety issues develop from the inability to pay for repairs and other necessary services. Without our free services, many Milwaukee residents would suffer serious injuries or even be forced to move out of their homes that they’ve lived in for over 30 years."

Revitalize Milwaukee

Revitalize Milwaukee is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to environmental, social, and economic equity. Serving Milwaukee and Waukesha, Revitalize offers a variety of services to low to moderate income homeowners, including home repairs and energy efficiency upgrades and services.

For 2022 and 2023, Green Homeowners United has contracted with Revitalize to complete energy efficiency updates for the Public Service Commission's Home Upgrade Grant. Green Homeowners United staff can assist with applications, please contact us here if you would like to apply.

Revitalize also provides Lead Abatement services and Green Homeowners United is proud to be one of their contractors for repair work. You can learn more on their website or check out these articles: "Federal funds has Revitalize Milwaukee ‘poised’ for lead paint reduction program" from DailyReporter May 2023 and "How Revitalize Milwaukee helps residents repair their homes" from OnMilwaukee June 2023.

Contractor Partners

Partners & Allies

Victor Niño - EcoBalance Technologies LLC

Victor G. Niño, PE brings over two decades of HVAC industry experience, bolstered by a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, to his leadership roles as the Director of Business Development at Build Equinox and the Founder of EcoBalance Technologies. His dual roles allow him to apply his expertise in promoting sustainable technologies, transforming both residential and commercial building markets towards a healthier and greener future..

Nicholas Hansen - Grant Park Heating and Cooling

Nicholas Hansen owns Grant Park Heating & Cooling, a residential HVAC company with expertise in Heat Pumps and Electrification. Nicholas entered the HVAC Trade as a Service Technician in 2014. During his career, he found that the HVAC industry is historically very wasteful and there was (and still is) much reluctance within the industry to adapt to more sustainable practices.

Realizing that the greater majority of HVAC systems in homes today can be replaced with more climate-friendly equipment, Nicholas decided to start his own company. He received his HVAC Qualifier from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services in July of 2021 and his company has been installing highly efficient heat pumps; furnaces and boilers ever since.

Lisa Geason-Bauer - Evolution Marketing, LLC

Lisa founded Wisconsin’s first triple bottom line managed sustainability consulting and ethical marketing firm Evolution Marketing in 2007. Today she manages a small team that provide sustainability consulting, marketing and communications services.

Lisa is a sustainability, ESG practitioner and has been helping companies tell their impact stories for over a decade. As a consultant she has worked on projects in supply chain sustainability, social sustainability (i.e. workforce engagement, culture and DEI), renewable energy, energy efficiency and the green building space. Lisa is a co-founder of B Local WI and the current Chair. She is also the Vice Chair of the Waukesha Ozaukee Washington County Workforce Board.