No Cost Thermal Images of Your Home

For a limited time, Green Homeowners United will be helping during this cold winter to collect thermal camera images of Greater Milwaukee resident's homes so you can find out where the heat is leaving and where outside cold is coming in. This opportunity will be at NO-COST to residents of Greater Milwaukee homeowners. For residents interested in addressing these cold spots, we will work with you on a proposal for your consideration, that utilizes the many rebates, tax credits, and fair-financing that may be available to you to make home improvements more affordable!


  • Invitation must be by homeowner or rental property owner (not available to tenants at this time)

  • Home must be within an hour drive of downtown Milwaukee to qualify

  • Must provide an email

  • Home cannot have received a rebate from Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program within the last 2 years

To sign up, please schedule online via this link here or call us at 414-604-6418.